Joke of the Day

Two guys were sitting at a bar” One said what do you call a woman who likes to have sex all the time? The second replied, “I don’t know”. The first one said, “A nymphomaniac or a fantasy and would have accepted single”. The second guy said, “What do you call a woman that nags all the time?” The first one replied, “I don’t know”. The second guy said, “Wife”.

The two guys wives were sitting at home drinking a nice Merlot. The first wife said to the other, “What do you call a man that stays at the bar and drinks beer all the time?” The second wife said, “I don’t know”. The first wife replied, “Alcoholic”. The second wife said, “What do you call a man that doesn’t know how to find the G-spot?” The first wife replied, “Husband”.


Let’s Add Something New and Kinky Part 3

Now that we have dealt with food lets deal with play toys.  Now of course, the use of handcuffs, vibrators/dildos, silk ties and rope (which is my favorite toy to play with).  If you don’t use them, then you should give them a try, it will make it a bit spicier.  Let’s go over a few things first.  Sex is a great thing between two consenting adults, and I do mean consenting adults.  The number doesn’t have to be just two if there are more in the fun, then the more the merrier.

Ok so do you like bondage?  Do you like to tie up your lover or do you like to be tied up?  Or are you the more adventurous and like to do and be done to?  Here are a few ideas that may offer you some fun in and out of the bedroom.  First of all, let’s start with saran wrap.  Yes, I said saran wrap.  You can use it to bind the hands to start with.  It can also be used to bind the feet.  This depends on how much you want to get into it.  If you want to take it further, then wrap the arms against the sides.  Start at the top and start wrapping in a downward motion.  Do not wrap too tightly, as you don’t want to cut circulation.  There is something beautiful about a lover’s body wrapped in saran wrap, so yes make sure it’s clear, even though it is sexy with using the colored ones also.  Remember this when it’s Christmas as there are the red and green ones that make for a good present.  You can wrap as far down as you want to but remember if you cover the genitalia then you will limit what you can do to the naughty little whore.  If you decide to cut a whole for the hole, then be careful what you are cutting.  Also of note, if you have your favorite lube then lightly put it on the skin.  If you don’t have lube, go to your pantry and get that olive oil and use it lightly.  You may think this is not sexy, try it and you will change your mind as it will be fun.  Having fun brings about great sex and who does not want great sex?

Another household item is of course, the spatula, but you have heard that before.  She has been a naughty girl, so she needs a spanking, or he needs to be spanked.  This will depend on your sex or your lover’s sex.  If you have an erotica book or a porn magazine, then that will make a good item to use for a spanking.  After you use it, the book or magazine will have more memories than a good read.  You will laugh about it or think about the session, once you have used it.  Be careful though, the book does offer more force, so be careful of how far back you swing when you swat that behind.  As in preparation section, try it first on the inside of your thigh.


Make that bottom red

Now we always discuss spanking that ass, but let’s look at other parts of the body.  There are erogenous zones all over the body, which will be discussed in another post, and some of these zones like to be aroused and some do not.  The most noted erotic spots are the genitalia, breasts and thighs, so test those spots out.

I am trying to keep this to a few minutes read so, I will discuss more household items in the next post.

Go Play and Have Fun Safe Sex

Sade-Erotika -Taste

I slowly kissed her neck and then run my tongue downward. The saltiness of her sweat exploded across my taste buds. I nibbled at her neckline and since our sexual voyage was so energetic, her whole body was sweaty and tasted salty.  Kissing downward and sliding my tongue into her pink cavern of heaven and enjoying every droplet she released. I  pulled her clit in my mouth with my lips and tasted her sweet nectar.  Her heat was rising and her juices started to flow as though a dam had bursted and it tasted so sweet.

6 senses -Touch Saderotika – (Pronounced Sha Day rot e ka)

Her skin was soft to the touch. As I slid my finger across her right breast, just to the inside and around to the outside feeling how soft it is.  I moved my finger slowly to her nipple, and felt that it was opposite to her skin.  It was hard and extended out and begging to be felt by finger.  I rubbed across it gently and felt the granite like protrusion.   Placing my thumb, and pressing ever so lightly against her nipple inward, I  moved the rest of my hand around and cupped her full round breast.

6 senses -Scent Saderotika – (Pronounced Sha Day rot e ka)

Today I will start with the sense of smell, or shall we use a play on words, the sense of scents.


The room is dark and my heart is pounding from the high energy sexual escapade.  My olfactory is in overdrive.  We lay here and I enjoy the spice of her vanilla perfume that she had chosen for the night.  The strong aromatic sense of sex surrounds us and it is intoxicating.  The smell of sweat intertwined with the bouquet of sexual juices that were released in our ecstasy voyage.

(The story will continue with the rest of the senses.)





Emotions Part 1 -Frustration

Frustration is an emotion that hits us all at some time. We feel this emotion when we seem we are trying so hard to do something and roadblocks jump in front of our momentum. Do we know this will happen, NO. Do we care for it to occur, NO. Does our mind wonder about why do I try, YES. So what do we do. We get an emotion that is defined as response to opposition. What is the opposition? Is it something that will kill us, hopefully, NO. Will it cause us bodily harm, again hopefully, NO. With this emotion, then let it make you stronger. Let us all learn the lesson that frustration teaches us. It is opposition and we will overcome it, not maybe the way we wanted but we will find a new way to overcome and persevere.


“Frustration, although quite painful at times, is a very positive and essential part of success”. BO Bennett


Harper Lee wrote “You never really know a man until you understand things from his point of view, until you climb into his skin and walk around in it”.  The earlier version is the Cherokee saying “You must walk in another man’s moccasin”.  Which Preston R Preston wrote “Before criticizing a man, walk a mile in his shoes”.  Don’t you think that if we had a shoe exchange once a month that this world would be a better place? I believe there would be fewer bullies just to start with and a warmer place to live.X


What is on the horizon for you?

Time slips past you just like a passer on the street.

Were you just standing still?

Did you even notice it go by

What were you doing for not to notice?

It seems you were just, just, just?

What were you doing?

The thought has escaped you.

Now you think about it and then look in the mirror.

You notice that time has slipped past you.

So, the moral is don’t let time slip past you without living every second.  So, when you do look in the mirror you will see a fulfilled life full of happiness and joy looking back at you.  Start now living every second and drive negativity out of your life.  X

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Preparation 5

Okay, have you ever reread something you wrote and say to yourself, “I forgot the simplest thing”.  In the preparation section, Preparation for good sex is being healthy.  Preparation should start with being healthy and it is up to you to be healthy.  You must take care of yourself, eat the right foods, exercise and try and keep your stress down.  It is up to all of us to do that and healthy is not irritating your lover.  So try and not irritate them or let them irritate you.

Go Play and Have Fun Safe Sex by X