Preparation #1

When you are going to do something, preparation should be on the forefront of your thoughts.  If you want to do something properly take the time to prepare for it so you will have a better time and wont feel inadequate about it.  First of all, as most know if you want to have sex and there is no birth control then you must prepare for the situation by going to the store and getting condoms.

If you want to experiment with BDSM, it is the same thing you must prepare for it.  If you want to start lightly with it, then of course, there is spanking.  Prepare for it by first getting the item that you will be using to spank your lover with.  Second take it and hit it on your thigh to see what intensity it offers.  This will teach you a lot about what you will be using and what you won’t be using.

If you want to turn up the heat a bit and want to experiment with wax, then buy a few different types of candles and burn them.  Then slowly practice drizzling the wax off the candle onto a plate.  This of course will give you an idea of which candles will be easier to drizzle and which more or less drop.  Then it is also best if you try and use the candle that you find to drizzle on your skin.  This will give let you know what heights you can be at with the heat intensity of the candle wax.  Note wax is hot and it can burn if drizzled too close to the skin for first timers.  Take your burning candle and at about 24 inches above your thigh drizzle some and feel the heat intensity.  Now slowly move it closer to your skin.  This will give you at what height is best.  Also, to reduce heat to your lover use your hand as a deflector of the wax so it hits your hand first and then to your lover.  Best places to drizzle wax, in my opinion of course is the back, the breasts, the thighs, the butt and I like to do a controlled drizzle about 3 inches above the clit.  I enjoy pulling the wax off, especially when I have drizzled a lot in an area that cakes together and it can have a great sensation on the person that was receiving it.

Preparation makes it more fun and enjoyable and I will add more to the list of things to do to prepare for a fun and safe time.

Go Play and Have Fun Safe Sex

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