Preparation part 2 – The Where

Now that we discussed preparation of some of the play things, there should also be some consideration of preparation for the fun place.  Now look you know as well as I do that Mommy and Daddy cannot be playing spanking when the little ones just went to bed without someone opening the door and going mommy, “Why is daddy spanking you? Were you a bad girl?”  So with that why not make a preparation of fun an adventure.

All across the country there are the seedy motels that you pass by and wonder how they are in business.  Hey guess what, that would be a great location to have a spanking good time at.  Leave the higher priced hotels for the more romantic and door opening adventures which is a bridge I will cross later.  Babysitter, a light supper and wham bam spank you ma’am, you have a new fun time.  It will be a new adventure, that when you pass by that little motel, you will put a smile on your face.

So preparation would be find the motel closest to you and rent it out before you leave for your date.  This way you don’t have your mojo lost, because your lover is sitting waiting on you to pay the 3 toothed wonder for a room.  Also after renting the room go into it and check out the way things are setup and what is in it.  This will give you a little confidence when you enter on your date, as you have an idea of what to expect.  And if it is a real dump, walk your lover to the room and blindfold them for the whole time.  That way it will make it easier especially if you blindfold them in your driveway before you leave.

Go Play and Have Fun Safe Sex



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