Preparation #3 – Timing

Preparation #1  Practice

Preparation#2 – Where


Okay so now we have prepared for what we want to do and we have prepared for where to have this rendezvous, so what’s left?  Well the timing has to be one that you both are willing to be in the mood.  This little couples tryst can happen at any time but it will be best when you have this fixed.  So suggestion would be either talk about doing it on a specific day or find out if that special person wants a surprise.  I think the surprise is the best but it takes a lot of forethought about preparing for it.  If you have kids you need to have it setup that there is a babysitter to take care of the little ones.  If no kids a lot easier, but you are not out of the woods yet.

So let’s deal with the easier one first.  Your special one wants to know about it, best to figure yourself if this is the case.  If they want to know about it then pick a day and believe me the ones who knows about it gets their sexual mojo started.  Because of the fact they know it is going to happen and if you spend some time a few days before teasing about it, then it will make it more exciting.  You have to be coy and throw hints that they are going to be put in ecstasy and that they will yearn for it to happen every week.  Build it up, get it percolating so that it is as exciting for you as it is for them.  This is especially good for both as it helps to pull you out of the work dreary day.

Now if you are going to do this as a surprise then that is more fun for you at the beginning but your lover will enjoy it as much as you do, if not more.  Do this one especially if your lover is a control freak and we all know who they are.  What you will have to do is keep a pulse on their day though and see where they are at.  Without a sexual innuendo, try and make their day better.  Also, have an understanding if your lover is a female where they are in their cycle, so you will know whether there will be play time or if it will end up massage and snuggle time if you don’t.  I find it is always good to ask about their day around the lunch time frame and see where they may be at emotionally.  Press that I Love You multiple times and how much they mean to you, as it will help make their day, but mean it.  It will also make it easier to move into raunchy steamy blood pulsing sex in a motel also.

If you find yourself at the point where you have prepared and they don’t seem like they are in the mood, then your preparation will pay off.  Why you ask?  Well you had went and set the motel room up with only the lamp on.  And have put on soft music that was not too loud that the rooms next to you would complain and also had put all the toys you want to play with in there.  Take a moment also to put some bath oils in the bathroom so that you can move into that magic moment with a little subtlety of a nice bath.  Also, a full nude body massage or in a little outfit you have chosen (lingerie, bra and panty set or my favorite a sexxxy smile) can also be a helpful starter <Grin>.

Go Play and Have Fun Safe Sex


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