Just Cause

We were sitting at the table at a local restaurant. It is nothing fancy but not a fast food joint. We had a nice meal and she was eating some fresh fruit salad for dessert. We were just having a casual conversation, when she took a bite of a strawberry and asked me to move closer as she wanted to tell me something. I leaned in and she said, “I love you”. She moved closer and smooched her lips together to give me a kiss and when I moved closer to kiss her she began to kiss me. not just a normal at dinner style kiss, but like we are in our bedroom. She began to move her tongue inside my mouth and the taste of the strawberry mixed well with the taste of the crème brulèe I was eating created a mouthgasm. She put her hand on my shoulder and pulled me closer and her tongue started to explore and it was so passionate. She kept kissing and tightened her hand on my shoulder and it was so hot. She moved off my lips and quickly bit into her strawberry again and returned to the kiss. It was, as if there was no one around, and then of course we heard an uh hmmm, then stopped as our waiter was standing at the table. We stopped and looked up and we heard a few claps. I looked at him and all I could say, “Yes”. “Will there be anything else?” he said. I said, “No”.

After he laid the bill down and walked away, I looked over at her and asked, “What was that?” with a big smile. She said, “Just cause”.



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