Oh my, that was a good night, let’s go to bed I told her.  In her drunken voice she said, “I don’t want to just go to bed I want to fuck”.  I told her she had too much and that we needed to get her to bed.  She started complaining that she was fine.  We were walking down the hall now and she turned to me and said, “I want to fuck, I don’t want to sleep yet”.  She then turned to me and hit me on the chest with her hand and it sent a pain through my chest.  Well that was it, that made the difference.  I said, “Okay lets fuck”.  I grabbed her and pushed her facing towards the wall.  I lifted the back of her shirt and unleashed her bra, as I was pushing with my hips to hold her against the wall.  She protested and I said,”Shhh, I am fucking you”.  I moved her back a bit and pulled her shirt up and pulled her bra off her breasts.  Within a quick motion, I pushed her back against the wall, and she let out, “Ow that’s cold”.  Her breasts were against the wall and it must have been too cool to her touch.  I put my left arm against her back to push her against it even more and now her breasts and her stomach was pushed against it.  I pulled her skirt up and reached between her thong and slid it to the side and with that I unbuttoned my pants and pulled my cock out.  She felt it pierce through her pussy with a force.  I was not gentle, as I wanted her to feel this fuck.  I wriggled my pants off my legs and still pressing against her I started to drive deeper inside her.  She was letting out moans and groans as the feeling was intense in her inebriated state.  She felt the thrust again as I pushed deep inside.  I bought this thong and it was mine to do what I wanted.  I reached down and grabbed it and ripped in apart.  It was in my way, and I wanted it to be out.  I was ready to fuck and that damn thong paid the price.  She screeched, “What are you doing”.  I told her to shhh, “I am fucking you, so take it and enjoy it.  I pressed her head to the side against the wall and drove my cock again inside her.  I attempted to press so deep I wanted to feel the coolness of the wall on my cock.  I continued to pound her deep and she came.  She was so excited about this fuck that she came again.  I pulled my cock out and pressed my left arm against her and pulled her skirt off.  Now she was there with her ass out, and a partial thong dangling down.  I reached my hand back and smacked her ass.  She yelped after the sting of my hand connected and the feeling went straight to her brain.  I reached back again and released another reddening smack to her ass.  She said “Ouch that’s too hard”.  I said,”Shhh, I am fucking you”.  I moved my cock back into position and slid it deep inside again.  I pounded her pussy and she came again.  She started to moan again, I bent my knees a little to get a different angle and like I was doing a squat thrust I lifted her with the next thrusting.  She skid upwards of the wall and I heard her scream, “Oh my god, I’m cumming”.  I bent down again and drilled upwards into her pussy and it was nice and wet that I felt her cum again as it gripped my cock like it was trying to choke around its neck.

It was time to have fun in the front.  I pulled my cock out and turned her around.  I lifted her shirt off and took her bra off to.  She shuddered with either cold or from the sensation of the fucking she was getting.  I pushed her back against the wall and she tried to jump but I anticipated it and was hard against her.  She lifted her right hand to try and push me off I would guess, but I grabbed it and then reached for her left.  I had both her hands and held them tightly.  She was not going to move.  Her breasts were there and her nipple was calling for attention.  I slid my tounge across her right nipple and she so caught up in the moment she could only gasp.  I moved over to her left nipple, and with a grin, I pulled her nipple in my mouth and nibbled on it.  I put pressure to it and she squelched, “Ouch.  That is too rough, I said,”Shhh, I am fucking you”.

I raised her hands above her head and with my right hand I grabbed both of her thumbs.  I am strong enough to hold her thumbs without her wriggling them free, a sort of Chinese finger torture style.  I took my left hand and grabbed her right breast and squeezed on it.  Intensifying the pressure I heard her say, “Ouch, too hard”.  I said,”Shhh, I am fucking you”.  I let go of her breast and pulled my left hand back and smacked her breast with it.  When I removed it, I seen the redness appear.  I then slapped her other breast.  It was a little harder and she jumped.  I reached down with my left hand and grabbed her right leg and lifted it up.  I moved in and my cock found its target.  Her pussy was open and inviting, it wanted to feel my cock again.  I slid inside and she moaned.  I had her off balance but she was not going anywhere.  Just like when I had her facing the wall, I knelt a little and drove my cock upwards deep into her pussy.  She let out another groan and then started drilling deep inside her.  The rocking of her against the wall, she let out another, “Uh, uh, I coming” and she was now screaming this.  I said,”Shhh, I am fucking you”.

I continued to pound her and then with the next release of her coming, I felt her squirt that hot female orgasm.  That was it for me, I pulled out and put her on her knees and as I held her head backwards I gave her a hot pearl necklace.  She was sitting there and gasping and I pulled my shirt off and cleaned her up.  She was about to say something, and I said,”Shhh, I was fucking you”.  We went to bed and slept and it was peaceful.


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  1. Sorry Xavier, I’m not sure how my message went awry. I thought I had posted it under your “about” tab: must have pushed a wrong button somewhere. Gabriella suggested you might be interested in becoming a regular contributor to If so, could you send me a suitable email address at, then I’ll send you some more details and an agreement to consider.

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