Here is an analogy that will make you think.

Reading a book is like diving.


Now don’t get me wrong, I like a good bounce of a springboard. The feeling of the anticipation of lowering your weight and pushing upward into the sky and then falling down and feeling the board propel you back into the sky and that is exhilarating.

Now to feel the feeling of a high dive is like reading a book. You walk up the stairs to do the 10 meter (33ft) dive, is like getting a book. You have that feeling is it going to be a good one or just another practice. You get to the edge and look into the water, as when reading the blurb about the anticipation. Then you feel the need to do it and you dive or open the book to begin. You begin the dive and start to read. You feel the joy of opening your mind and then you feel the water and you are immersed into the water just like the feeling of immersing yourself into a book. The cool feeling of the water surrounding you, as with the visualization of the story and you are there deep into it.

When you pull yourself out of the water and feel that completion of it was done and the story ends. Then the need to do it again occurs and it repeats so you go back to the platform and get another book.

Read a book today, and take the opportunity to write one. No matter if you don’t think you can, try it and let someone else feel your feeling of the story you want to tell. Let someone else immerse themselves in your water. X


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