Something Special

You crossed my mind today, as you do often. I am moving on to something new , but that experience with you my first was a learning experience. The memory crosses every so often and I cant imagine not have had the experience as you taught me so much. I remember it like it occurred yesterday. You had crossed into my life and were in my thoughts. I could not do anything, as there were other commitments that kept me away from you. When the time came and we could sit down together it was magical. Now I had others in my life prior but I had not experienced them the way I did with you. You were special. You were a new beginning and I cherish that with you. I remember it was in the evening and we sat down and I was excited. I may have been too excited at the time, but luckily, I wanted to do it right. I took my time and started slowly. You were there breathing softly to me. I knew you before we did this and it was like nothing else. The pace was soft and slow and it was incredible. My senses heightened and I grew with anticipation through it. You were not easy though, you made me work for it. You must have known that I needed it not to come easy, but to work for the experience. I was diligent and enjoyed every stroke. At times my heart beat faster, my breath quickened and I was in a euphoria that is still so hard to explain. We were there in the mix of it all and nothing else in the world would stop us. I know at one point I thought was this wrong. Was I making a mistake with doing this, but you continued to press my thoughts and urged me to continue. The strokes started to build the anticipation grew and then, like that I finished. I was exuberant and so relieved. I had performed well and I knew that you were satisfied. I wondered at that time if others would enjoy you as much as I did. I knew you were not mine and that I would have to share you with others. I would hope that they would experience you and enjoy you as much as I did. Time would only tell and it would be there that your beauty and life would flourish. Some could not accept you for what you are but that is their loss. Even though I have moved on and there have been many after you, there have been none as great as you. The experience that you taught me has made me a better person and to that I will always have a special place for you. So with this I must thank you, my first published work Sade. You are and will always be in my heart and my thoughts. X



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