Sade from the Bow Down Serve Me series

This is an excerpt from my book Sade.  Enjoy, but be warned, it is graphical in nature (Ages 18+)  and with any luck you will get drawn into it. Even if you may not want to.  Shhhh you may like it.   Please visit  X

Chapter 1 Silent Butterfly

      “Fwaaapp” cracked the bullwhip and she stirred after the tip cut through her skin.  A noise was made from her.   Yummm, the taste is like alcohol to a drunk, or as the proverbial candy to a baby.  The wet metallic taste of blood along with the smell of sweat and tears, that aroma makes me invincible.  After I run my finger along the new opening in her skin and wiped as much as I could on my finger and run it across my tongue.  I pull myself back from my state and try to remember what I am here for and what I am doing.  With that I snap back from my self-enjoyment to continue with the reason I am here.  Crack, I snapped the bullwhip to make the noise loud and to cause her to be more receptive to the moment.  I snap it against her left thigh and see the skin turn to red and the slow fluid starts to slide down her leg and a sound came from her that seemed louder this time than the last.  I slide close and slowly move my fingers to the slow flow of the blood oozing out of her thigh and take a taste, salty and metallic and to me it is so sweet.  She starts to shiver and I see that as I went for the taste of her life’s liquid draining out of her thigh, she winced and tried to slide away, but she couldn’t do that as she was not going to move at all.  What a way to be woken up, with the cracking sound of the bullwhip.  Her eyes were widening now and it was not going to be too hard to awaken fully.  Unlike in the morning when you are getting out of bed from a long nights slumber.


Just like before I cracked the whip but not on her, but up next to her ear.  The deafening sound of the bullwhip made her express what sounded to be a shriek; as I am sure she thought I was going to crack the end of it on her face.  I didn’t do that and would never hit a woman with my bullwhip on their face and possibly mess up a woman’s precious beautiful smile.  I loved to see a woman smile that usually has bright eyes and a glow.  With rounded cheeks from being pulled in at the jaw muscles, as it is said there is less muscles used to smile than frown and I loved to see a woman’s smile.  I wanted to tell her that she could have a beautiful smile if she would try, but this was not the time to do that as we had only begun.

She was tied up, in a standing position with her arms spread apart and her legs spread wide.  I had designed posts to hold someone in a stretched position.  There were 12×12 beams that run the side and another beam that was a 12×12 beam across the top.  I could hold a car’s engine up if I wanted to with these beams.  I had gotten these beams out of an old papermill that had originally been used to truss up a second floor.  On each corner section of my contraption I had fastened metal shackles that I could fasten rope or chain through and there was a shackle at the center of the beam, so if I wanted to suspend someone, I could, even if they weighed 10,000 lbs.   I had lashed the ropes that bind her through the shackles and around to the tie offs that I had secured on the side of the beams.  This way if I wanted to tighten or loosen, I could do it easily and without too much fuss.  It is used to spread out my victims.  While in her spread position and all tied up I had placed a ball gag in her mouth and covered it with tape.  The gag and tape held her sounds internally with only slight sounds escaping for only my ears to hear.

She was clothed in a pair of blue jeans and a pink tank top, the type with the thin straps.  I reached in my back pocket and pulled out my trauma scissors.  I cut down the center of the shirt and I seen her eyes widen.  I snipped the straps and it fell to the floor just as free as a bird.  I took my scissors and slid them down the left side of her jeans and cut a nice slit in the side of her jeans.  She moved her hips but to no avail.  I placed the scissors back into my back pocket and took my hands and grabbed on each side of the slit of the jeans and pulled and separated them apart.  A nice size split was in them now down to about the top of her knees.  I walked around to the other side and repeated the function.  The jeans front fell forward and the back half sort of fell but was stopped mainly by the roundness of her ass.  I looked at the section just laying there across her ass and enjoyed the view.  I took out my trauma scissors and continued the cut to the bottom of the jeans.  Then I went to the other side and separated the front section from the back section.  Of course, I had predetermined what was going to happen so that is why the ropes where tied below the jeans on her ankles and now she stood tied in only her bra and panties and the terror in her eyes.  She had a white bra on that was not flattering at all, sort of like one that was what you would see on an old lady.  There were no frills, no laciness and definitely not something you would see in Victoria Secrets.  She had a yellow thong that had a smiley face on it, so this was the complete opposite of her bra.  Her undergarments were one that was plain and the other that was more playful, so when she got dressed in the morning was it the search for anything clean or was there thought in what she put on.  It would seem there was no thought in it at all, and there was not the possibility in her thoughts of meeting a new lover.  If there was that thought and she would wear this then she would disappoint someone, but not me.  With that I reached over to the tray, it is a chrome medical sterilized tray on wheels that I can roll around to wherever I please.  It’s the type you see at the doctor’s office or just like you see in the movies, and grabbed the knife.  The hunting knife is my favorite tool to play with as I enjoy watching a woman’s eyes grow from fear.  Fear is the key to life as it is the thing that makes you make decisions with and without rational thought.  I don’t get this response when I pull out my trauma scissors.  I slowly moved towards her and showed her the blade and I see her eyes grow wider.  I place the knife in between her breasts and slice right through the center of her bra and it hung there as it only had opened up and exposing just the insides of her round breasts.  I watched her eyes grow what seemed even wider.  Then I drew the blade to the left arm strap and slid it upwards to see it slice the strap into two pieces.  It fell down and her left breast was more exposed.   Then I cut the right strap and the bra then fell to the ground exposing her breasts.  I put the knife down to her left side and cut the thong and then the other side and it fell without a care exposing her pussy and her bush.  Now she is standing with nothing on but the ropes that were binding her and stretching her open to whatever I wanted to do to her.

 I wonder if she was wishing she had never passed through that door.  If she had possibly taken a detour from her fate and if she was wishing that she had just gone to work that day.



Normal Sex for me, may not be for you

Dinner was great and we were getting along so well.  She wanted to go back to her apartment and we went in for coffee.  Things were going well and kissing became passionate.  She said, “Let’s move to the bedroom”.

It came time to see and I knew it was going to end up being the same as always.  I had asked if I could cut the lights off and she wanted to keep it on.  She unhooked her pink bra and her supple breasts fell.  Her areolas were light brown and her nipples were beginning to grow.  Now it was my turn and urged to turn the lights at least down with no avail.  I took my shirt off and hoped it was not as bad, so I have a few extra pounds or twenty plus.  She looked like her eyes were saying okay but I saw her smile lower a bit.  She continued though, and pulled her jeans down.  She showed the matching pink panties that looked so nice on her.  She was beautiful and looked so hot.  Her body was almost perfect as there was maybe a few pounds extra, but she has curves and sexy.  It came my turn and I realized that since I did not think this was going to go to this level, I probably should have put on a clean pair of underwear.  Wait, which ones do I have on.  Geez, I have a pair of tighty-whiteys on and I am sure my face is red.

I moved in to hug her and hold her.  She gave a big hug back.  She slipped back and looked at me and I knew it was my turn.  I pulled my pants down quickly and her smile went away.  Luckily we had a few drinks before we got back to her apartment.  If we had not drink and if we were not at her apartment, I think this would have went a different direction.  Along with this in the back of my mind, I remember she had said that it had been a few months since she has had sex.  I guess this was her, well I am this far let’s see if he can fuck better than his looks.

The pain continued and I thought it was time to move in before this became get the hell out.  I slid into hug her and give her a kiss.  She gave such a passionate kiss or was it really her mind wandering.  Who was I in her visions.  I moved my hands downward to grasp her panties and I felt her move a bit, but she let me continue.  I felt her panties slowly move down, I pulled them off of her last foot and seen her beauty.  She had a shaved form in the traditional runway strip.  Her brown strip was lined so perfectly straight to her lips.  Oh god, she looked so hot and with that my face went into embarrassment.  She looked at me like what is wrong.

I had explained that it had been a long time since my last sexual encounter.  Now, how do I explain that I just came.  This is just getting worse.  So quickly thinking I slid her on the bed and spread her legs. I spent time doing all the right things.  I did it slowly and I went through the alphabet twice and spent a few minutes humming the Star Spangled Banner.  She seemed to enjoy it but I wasn’t sure.  She hadn’t came yet.  She pushed my head back and said, “Fuck me”.  I thought I had heard her mutter, “So we can get this over”.  I stood and pulled my underwear down and I heard it.  She giggled and luckily, it was small and it was not like I had not heard this before.  I was not endowed as I was not blessed but cursed.  My dick was smaller than the length of my Bic lighter and I had reached another hard on again luckily.  I moved faster than a cheetah to get inside her and there was no time to give her an opportunity to deny me this opportunity.  I dropped between her legs and moved up until I had found her opening and entered.  I planted a kiss and clasped my hands in hers and held hers upwards.

Pumped in once, pumped in twice and I knew it was over and pulled out and the drop drizzled out.  My autonomic response of sorry was released almost as fast as my sexual prowess.  Her look was of disgust and she said, “Get off and leave”.  I got up and kept offering my apologies as I was dressing.  I left her apartment with a smile.

Fly In Your Journey

First let me say, I am sorry for the following.  I hate that there are so many friends who either themselves or family/friends experiencing sickness, surgery or bad health.  I wish all the best of luck and that there will be quick recovery from this.

Also, it irks me that there are so many haters out there that hurt my friends.  There is no need for this and it should not be allowed.   Unfortunately, they win when they cause a person to change who they are or steer them away from their beautiful self.  We are all different and that is what makes us unique and even though we don’t travel the same path, it does not mean that the mean/haters should try and force us on their path.

Forget the path, fly and be yourself on your own journey.  I heard something similar and it made me think and wanted to pass along, but of course in my own way.   Grasp the moment, as it is irreplaceable.  If the sun is shining, enjoy it.  If the clouds are there, enjoy your ability to breathe as the storm will pass.  Hug someone today and let them know that you are glad they are in your life, if you cannot hug them at least tell them.  X

Walk the path you want to and when you are ready fly.

Morning Desire

Looking deep into your morning beauty

I hold you so tight as my need grows

I tell you how much I need you

My desire is so deep

My nose opens and I take in your essence

Eyes widen

I want to take all of you in

You taste so sweet and I want more

Disappointment sets in cause now you are empty my sweet cup of coffee

Let’s do this again as I refill and it the experience repeats.