Fly In Your Journey

First let me say, I am sorry for the following.  I hate that there are so many friends who either themselves or family/friends experiencing sickness, surgery or bad health.  I wish all the best of luck and that there will be quick recovery from this.

Also, it irks me that there are so many haters out there that hurt my friends.  There is no need for this and it should not be allowed.   Unfortunately, they win when they cause a person to change who they are or steer them away from their beautiful self.  We are all different and that is what makes us unique and even though we don’t travel the same path, it does not mean that the mean/haters should try and force us on their path.

Forget the path, fly and be yourself on your own journey.  I heard something similar and it made me think and wanted to pass along, but of course in my own way.   Grasp the moment, as it is irreplaceable.  If the sun is shining, enjoy it.  If the clouds are there, enjoy your ability to breathe as the storm will pass.  Hug someone today and let them know that you are glad they are in your life, if you cannot hug them at least tell them.  X

Walk the path you want to and when you are ready fly.


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