Normal Sex for me, may not be for you

Dinner was great and we were getting along so well.  She wanted to go back to her apartment and we went in for coffee.  Things were going well and kissing became passionate.  She said, “Let’s move to the bedroom”.

It came time to see and I knew it was going to end up being the same as always.  I had asked if I could cut the lights off and she wanted to keep it on.  She unhooked her pink bra and her supple breasts fell.  Her areolas were light brown and her nipples were beginning to grow.  Now it was my turn and urged to turn the lights at least down with no avail.  I took my shirt off and hoped it was not as bad, so I have a few extra pounds or twenty plus.  She looked like her eyes were saying okay but I saw her smile lower a bit.  She continued though, and pulled her jeans down.  She showed the matching pink panties that looked so nice on her.  She was beautiful and looked so hot.  Her body was almost perfect as there was maybe a few pounds extra, but she has curves and sexy.  It came my turn and I realized that since I did not think this was going to go to this level, I probably should have put on a clean pair of underwear.  Wait, which ones do I have on.  Geez, I have a pair of tighty-whiteys on and I am sure my face is red.

I moved in to hug her and hold her.  She gave a big hug back.  She slipped back and looked at me and I knew it was my turn.  I pulled my pants down quickly and her smile went away.  Luckily we had a few drinks before we got back to her apartment.  If we had not drink and if we were not at her apartment, I think this would have went a different direction.  Along with this in the back of my mind, I remember she had said that it had been a few months since she has had sex.  I guess this was her, well I am this far let’s see if he can fuck better than his looks.

The pain continued and I thought it was time to move in before this became get the hell out.  I slid into hug her and give her a kiss.  She gave such a passionate kiss or was it really her mind wandering.  Who was I in her visions.  I moved my hands downward to grasp her panties and I felt her move a bit, but she let me continue.  I felt her panties slowly move down, I pulled them off of her last foot and seen her beauty.  She had a shaved form in the traditional runway strip.  Her brown strip was lined so perfectly straight to her lips.  Oh god, she looked so hot and with that my face went into embarrassment.  She looked at me like what is wrong.

I had explained that it had been a long time since my last sexual encounter.  Now, how do I explain that I just came.  This is just getting worse.  So quickly thinking I slid her on the bed and spread her legs. I spent time doing all the right things.  I did it slowly and I went through the alphabet twice and spent a few minutes humming the Star Spangled Banner.  She seemed to enjoy it but I wasn’t sure.  She hadn’t came yet.  She pushed my head back and said, “Fuck me”.  I thought I had heard her mutter, “So we can get this over”.  I stood and pulled my underwear down and I heard it.  She giggled and luckily, it was small and it was not like I had not heard this before.  I was not endowed as I was not blessed but cursed.  My dick was smaller than the length of my Bic lighter and I had reached another hard on again luckily.  I moved faster than a cheetah to get inside her and there was no time to give her an opportunity to deny me this opportunity.  I dropped between her legs and moved up until I had found her opening and entered.  I planted a kiss and clasped my hands in hers and held hers upwards.

Pumped in once, pumped in twice and I knew it was over and pulled out and the drop drizzled out.  My autonomic response of sorry was released almost as fast as my sexual prowess.  Her look was of disgust and she said, “Get off and leave”.  I got up and kept offering my apologies as I was dressing.  I left her apartment with a smile.


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