August 17, 2012 by gabdeveraux

Where would we all be with out this word….Imagination? We would have a world with out any books, art, music, and not much of anything else really. Yet I realize most days being the creative type that I am I find myself being lost in my own imagination. Do you?

When I was a young “wee” one on my report card it would report that I would be “daydreaming” all day long in class. I was not really “daydreaming” I was creating a world of my own. A world much brighter and more beautiful than the dull grey classroom that I sat in daily. It is no secret to most who have read most of my work that I have “suffered” for a long time with ADHD but I wonder am I really suffering or is it that I just am imagining a better place to be. Maybe I just love my other world better. Maybe this place was a bit too much for me. I don’t really know I just know that I wouldn’t be writing today without my imagination. So to all the writers out there be thankful for your IMAGINATION….

Inspire someone today! Be inspired…Imagine a better world.


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