Loss of Individua-Sexuality part2

New word I developed.

The door read “Therapy Group”.

Inside in a circle of chairs were different types of people.  The first person stood up and said, “My name is Jim and I am a construction worker and I suffer from loss of Individua-Sexuality”.  The group said “Hello Jim!”  He went on to say, “It has been 2 years since I have been able to cat call at a pretty woman going by the construction site.  I have no feeling of being who I really am, and that is a construction worker who likes to whistle at pretty dames”.

Next this elder woman stood up and said, “Uh hello, my name is Agnes and I am a teacher and I suffer from loss of Individua-Sexuality”.   The group said, “Hello Agnes!”.  There was bewilderment in the crowd of how she was going to explain this one.  She sheepishly said, “In my part time I write BDSM erotica and I cannot let anyone know what I do”.  She went on, “I write it dirty and love a good spanking but I can’t tell anyone and that is why I have a loss of Individua-Sexuality”.

Loss of Individua-Sexuality is when you cannot be who you want to be because it is either not PC or fear of family or friends shunning you.