Xavier born in France outside of Paris but moved to the United States at a young age. Lived in the southern part till moved to Portland, Or. The diversity of Portland allows Xavier to explore his deviant erotic side. Author of Suspense and Erotica.

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  1. Hi, Xavier! Thanx so much for checking out and following my blog, I really appreciate it! I need to do a LOT of work on in, lol, as you may have noticed, but I’ve been too deeply immersed in editing… If you go to ‘Sneak Peeks’ you can find the prologue, and each following chapter if you ever feel the urge to read more, beyond chapter three. When I do finally get it fixed, the chapters will be posted in order, rather than the random way they are now. Thanx again, and have a great upcoming weekend!

    • I hope your day is well, and I understand the term “a lot of work to do on it”, as I have just started this blog thing, and with it and in the middle of 8 WIP’s (works in progress) along with drawing and everything else, it keeps me a busy one. Along with trying to read everything possible it makes for a fun day, I will read the Sneak Peaks section. Thank you for following and if there is anything you would like to read from a guy’s prospective let me know, I am looking for ideas. Have a great day and a great weekend, X

  2. Hi Xavier,
    Gabriella suggested you might be interested in becoming a regular contributor to SexThisMonth.com, a good sex magazine a number of us are putting together. Is this true?

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