He had her tied and spread for his enjoyment. Her existence was in his hands and he took her senses all but one. The only sense that she had was the ability to touch and all of the things she felt were not what she wanted.


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Hotel Bethany

Gabriella, the main character travels to Paris in this raunchy novel. She walks through the gritty streets of Paris in the neighborhood of Pigalle Place, the famous sex district in Paris looking for a door that would lead her to a place she never thought she would go. Does she find herself in “Whore Alley” and how far will she go? See more on wordpress.

Hotel Kristof

Traveling from Paris, Gabriella boards the train to Luxembourg and onto her next sexual erotic adventure. Mixed emotions lead her to the unknown, the side of her that was unleashed until now. A new friend and confidant introduces Gabriella into a world of sexual exploration. Follow Gabriella on her blog too on wordpress.


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