Sade-Erotika -Taste

I slowly kissed her neck and then run my tongue downward. The saltiness of her sweat exploded across my taste buds. I nibbled at her neckline and since our sexual voyage was so energetic, her whole body was sweaty and tasted salty.  Kissing downward and sliding my tongue into her pink cavern of heaven and enjoying every droplet she released. I  pulled her clit in my mouth with my lips and tasted her sweet nectar.  Her heat was rising and her juices started to flow as though a dam had bursted and it tasted so sweet.

6 senses -Touch Saderotika – (Pronounced Sha Day rot e ka)

Her skin was soft to the touch. As I slid my finger across her right breast, just to the inside and around to the outside feeling how soft it is.  I moved my finger slowly to her nipple, and felt that it was opposite to her skin.  It was hard and extended out and begging to be felt by finger.  I rubbed across it gently and felt the granite like protrusion.   Placing my thumb, and pressing ever so lightly against her nipple inward, I  moved the rest of my hand around and cupped her full round breast.

6 senses -Scent Saderotika – (Pronounced Sha Day rot e ka)

Today I will start with the sense of smell, or shall we use a play on words, the sense of scents.


The room is dark and my heart is pounding from the high energy sexual escapade.  My olfactory is in overdrive.  We lay here and I enjoy the spice of her vanilla perfume that she had chosen for the night.  The strong aromatic sense of sex surrounds us and it is intoxicating.  The smell of sweat intertwined with the bouquet of sexual juices that were released in our ecstasy voyage.

(The story will continue with the rest of the senses.)