Emotions Part 1 -Frustration

Frustration is an emotion that hits us all at some time. We feel this emotion when we seem we are trying so hard to do something and roadblocks jump in front of our momentum. Do we know this will happen, NO. Do we care for it to occur, NO. Does our mind wonder about why do I try, YES. So what do we do. We get an emotion that is defined as response to opposition. What is the opposition? Is it something that will kill us, hopefully, NO. Will it cause us bodily harm, again hopefully, NO. With this emotion, then let it make you stronger. Let us all learn the lesson that frustration teaches us. It is opposition and we will overcome it, not maybe the way we wanted but we will find a new way to overcome and persevere.


“Frustration, although quite painful at times, is a very positive and essential part of success”. BO Bennett