6 senses -Scent Saderotika – (Pronounced Sha Day rot e ka)

Today I will start with the sense of smell, or shall we use a play on words, the sense of scents.


The room is dark and my heart is pounding from the high energy sexual escapade.  My olfactory is in overdrive.  We lay here and I enjoy the spice of her vanilla perfume that she had chosen for the night.  The strong aromatic sense of sex surrounds us and it is intoxicating.  The smell of sweat intertwined with the bouquet of sexual juices that were released in our ecstasy voyage.

(The story will continue with the rest of the senses.)





Lets Add Something New and Kinky Part 1

Hey, are you tired of the vanilla that most websites have to offer for spicing up your sex life or let’s make it kinky.  Of course, the normal things that they offer are sex toys and sex games, of which most couples already have them in their repertoire.  Another of course is anal sex, which again usually have tried it and decided if it’s something that is a once thing or an all the time thing or maybe every so often.  Then there is the threesome, which is one of the main staples to it being kinky in the lets spice it up.  Threesomes usually is something that has usually been talked about and decided maybe (really means NO) or No and only if there has been a yes is it actually a yes if it has happened.  The last one that I will touch on is the watch porn, again really is this the best they could come up with for advice.  If you are in a relationship and have been then usually you have had the discussion to watch porn or not or have even have watched it together.

Now if you are reading this far, I have your attention on this matter as you are where more of us adults who wants something new to add to the spice.  So I will try and give you some ideas that may be a bit naughtier than the normal and will take some of the normal ideas and offer a twist.  I am not saying that you may have thought of it or that you may have not tried it but hopefully something will be new.  There is no specific order to these so just bear with me.

1)      Let’s sex it up the idea of anal sex.  So YES, let us try anal sex.  So you pop that brown cherry and she has the feeling of either she enjoys it or not.  Did you lube it, did you work your way to it, did you even play with her clit to get her in the mood?  No to anyone of those and then you probably got a one-time shot at it and to never try again.  If you want to add spice, and you don’t have a butt plug, Get One.  If you have one, then lube that pucker stuffer up and when you are riding her doggy style slide one of your fingers in slowly and while drilling your schlong drill that finger in slowly.  Work up to it, then as you get her all juiced up, slide that plug in and slowly move it all the way in.  Slide deep inside and pull her tight against you to hold the plug in and you to get as far deep inside her as you can.  Then grab her hips and pull her back towards you as you sit back on your legs.  This will pull her up and then you can grab her arms while you are sitting back on the balls of your feet and pull her deep on you.  This will change the position of your penis and she will enjoy it.  Also with this quick motion, it will take her by surprise and will make her feel out of control and that can be an aphrodisiac to some women.

Now it’s her turn to try it on you.  Okay if you are thinking No, then never try it on her again.  If you are too much of a homophobe to try it then you shouldn’t be trying it on her.  Let that one sit there for a moment and really think about it.  She has to get you in the mood and a good stroke and a finger in the ass is a great way to spice it up.

2)      Here is a good one, so there is the old role play idea well add it to date night and you have a good spice for the night.  Take this a bit further, when you have a date night, tell her you want to do a little role play.  So you two pick a place to meet, choose somewhere where you don’t go to on a normal basis or have never been before.  I suggest that seedy bar you know about but don’t go to, or if it happens that it may be the opposite, go to the more upscale bar as that’s not your thing.  Then you meet there or if not meet there, then drop her off and sit in your car or run and do the errand (will be explained later).  Then you go into the bar but don’t go over to her to start with and then after an appropriate time (I think at least one drinks worth) do the following:

  1. Send a drink over to her.
  2. Or go over to where she is sitting and introduce yourself and kiss her.
  3. Have her come over to where the he is sitting and give you a kiss (prefer this one personally)
  4. Strike up a conversation with a male and send a drink over and tell waitress to tell her it’s from your new male friend.
  5. The She could start a conversation with a female friend and ask her to go over to sit with the He of the relationship and act as if you don’t know each other.

Okay you get the idea.  So then you can leave together or start an argument and then leave separately to meet back at the car.

Errand: find a motel that’s close by and rent a room.  Nothing better than hot sex at a rent by the hour motel or a flea bag when you are out and met each other for the first time.

More kinkiness to follow see next posts.

Preparation 4 At Home

Okay so there is the point when you cannot do an elaborate outing.  Well that is the time you prepare for more of a sensual time.  Look especially for fellows, there is the time of the month when most women cannot embrace the full on sexual time, or you are not into it or both.  So that is when you should be sensual.


So this is the time to give a massage. 


Prepare for a sensual moment.  Setup some candles, or if you don’t have any candles go get some.  Don’t scrimp on the candles, get some real good ones that have a nice smell.  Such smells as Vanilla or a jasmine are good ones to use.

Prepare for it also by getting some nice soft music.  Go ahead and either get a radio on a soft station, as a good jazz station or a CD that plays soft music.  Test the CD out to make sure that the whole CD is soft and not a few songs on it.  As you want to take your time and give a good massage, at least one that lasts more than your sexual outing.  Take your time and flow with the music.


Also to prepare for this, get a good lotion for a massage nearby.  Set all of this up and try to use the lotion by yourself.  Picture you have your loved one stretched on the bed, and you want to get some more lotion to add to the smoothness, this is where you will see how cumbersome it may be.  Best lotion is one that has a pump to it.  Also, check to see what it smells like, as you want something soothing.  Jasmine is a smell that offers relaxation, but I am not saying it has to be Jasmine.


Prepare yourself to lightly speak to your lover while giving this awesome relaxing massage.  Test out a few sentences that you can softly whisper in their ear.  Tell them that you love them.  Tell them how much they mean to you and always tell them how much you need them in your life.  Explain things that they have done for you that has made your life more enjoyable.


Also this is a great way that when sex can be enjoyed, it is a way to get things going.

Go Play and Have Fun Safe Sex, well for this one, Fun Safe Sensual time