Looking for Something for that Special Guy

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There are so many sex toys for women out there and here is an idea for men.  Hurray.


It is the weekend, so you and your lover need to take a trip to your local sex shop and get a toy for each other.  Why not have nothing but fun for the weekend?

Keep looking for some great ideas on how to use it.

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Sade from the Bow Down Serve Me series

This is an excerpt from my book Sade.  Enjoy, but be warned, it is graphical in nature (Ages 18+)  and with any luck you will get drawn into it. Even if you may not want to.  Shhhh you may like it.   Please visit hotlitbooks.org.  X

Chapter 1 Silent Butterfly

      “Fwaaapp” cracked the bullwhip and she stirred after the tip cut through her skin.  A noise was made from her.   Yummm, the taste is like alcohol to a drunk, or as the proverbial candy to a baby.  The wet metallic taste of blood along with the smell of sweat and tears, that aroma makes me invincible.  After I run my finger along the new opening in her skin and wiped as much as I could on my finger and run it across my tongue.  I pull myself back from my state and try to remember what I am here for and what I am doing.  With that I snap back from my self-enjoyment to continue with the reason I am here.  Crack, I snapped the bullwhip to make the noise loud and to cause her to be more receptive to the moment.  I snap it against her left thigh and see the skin turn to red and the slow fluid starts to slide down her leg and a sound came from her that seemed louder this time than the last.  I slide close and slowly move my fingers to the slow flow of the blood oozing out of her thigh and take a taste, salty and metallic and to me it is so sweet.  She starts to shiver and I see that as I went for the taste of her life’s liquid draining out of her thigh, she winced and tried to slide away, but she couldn’t do that as she was not going to move at all.  What a way to be woken up, with the cracking sound of the bullwhip.  Her eyes were widening now and it was not going to be too hard to awaken fully.  Unlike in the morning when you are getting out of bed from a long nights slumber.


Just like before I cracked the whip but not on her, but up next to her ear.  The deafening sound of the bullwhip made her express what sounded to be a shriek; as I am sure she thought I was going to crack the end of it on her face.  I didn’t do that and would never hit a woman with my bullwhip on their face and possibly mess up a woman’s precious beautiful smile.  I loved to see a woman smile that usually has bright eyes and a glow.  With rounded cheeks from being pulled in at the jaw muscles, as it is said there is less muscles used to smile than frown and I loved to see a woman’s smile.  I wanted to tell her that she could have a beautiful smile if she would try, but this was not the time to do that as we had only begun.

She was tied up, in a standing position with her arms spread apart and her legs spread wide.  I had designed posts to hold someone in a stretched position.  There were 12×12 beams that run the side and another beam that was a 12×12 beam across the top.  I could hold a car’s engine up if I wanted to with these beams.  I had gotten these beams out of an old papermill that had originally been used to truss up a second floor.  On each corner section of my contraption I had fastened metal shackles that I could fasten rope or chain through and there was a shackle at the center of the beam, so if I wanted to suspend someone, I could, even if they weighed 10,000 lbs.   I had lashed the ropes that bind her through the shackles and around to the tie offs that I had secured on the side of the beams.  This way if I wanted to tighten or loosen, I could do it easily and without too much fuss.  It is used to spread out my victims.  While in her spread position and all tied up I had placed a ball gag in her mouth and covered it with tape.  The gag and tape held her sounds internally with only slight sounds escaping for only my ears to hear.

She was clothed in a pair of blue jeans and a pink tank top, the type with the thin straps.  I reached in my back pocket and pulled out my trauma scissors.  I cut down the center of the shirt and I seen her eyes widen.  I snipped the straps and it fell to the floor just as free as a bird.  I took my scissors and slid them down the left side of her jeans and cut a nice slit in the side of her jeans.  She moved her hips but to no avail.  I placed the scissors back into my back pocket and took my hands and grabbed on each side of the slit of the jeans and pulled and separated them apart.  A nice size split was in them now down to about the top of her knees.  I walked around to the other side and repeated the function.  The jeans front fell forward and the back half sort of fell but was stopped mainly by the roundness of her ass.  I looked at the section just laying there across her ass and enjoyed the view.  I took out my trauma scissors and continued the cut to the bottom of the jeans.  Then I went to the other side and separated the front section from the back section.  Of course, I had predetermined what was going to happen so that is why the ropes where tied below the jeans on her ankles and now she stood tied in only her bra and panties and the terror in her eyes.  She had a white bra on that was not flattering at all, sort of like one that was what you would see on an old lady.  There were no frills, no laciness and definitely not something you would see in Victoria Secrets.  She had a yellow thong that had a smiley face on it, so this was the complete opposite of her bra.  Her undergarments were one that was plain and the other that was more playful, so when she got dressed in the morning was it the search for anything clean or was there thought in what she put on.  It would seem there was no thought in it at all, and there was not the possibility in her thoughts of meeting a new lover.  If there was that thought and she would wear this then she would disappoint someone, but not me.  With that I reached over to the tray, it is a chrome medical sterilized tray on wheels that I can roll around to wherever I please.  It’s the type you see at the doctor’s office or just like you see in the movies, and grabbed the knife.  The hunting knife is my favorite tool to play with as I enjoy watching a woman’s eyes grow from fear.  Fear is the key to life as it is the thing that makes you make decisions with and without rational thought.  I don’t get this response when I pull out my trauma scissors.  I slowly moved towards her and showed her the blade and I see her eyes grow wider.  I place the knife in between her breasts and slice right through the center of her bra and it hung there as it only had opened up and exposing just the insides of her round breasts.  I watched her eyes grow what seemed even wider.  Then I drew the blade to the left arm strap and slid it upwards to see it slice the strap into two pieces.  It fell down and her left breast was more exposed.   Then I cut the right strap and the bra then fell to the ground exposing her breasts.  I put the knife down to her left side and cut the thong and then the other side and it fell without a care exposing her pussy and her bush.  Now she is standing with nothing on but the ropes that were binding her and stretching her open to whatever I wanted to do to her.

 I wonder if she was wishing she had never passed through that door.  If she had possibly taken a detour from her fate and if she was wishing that she had just gone to work that day.


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Normal Sex for me, may not be for you

Dinner was great and we were getting along so well.  She wanted to go back to her apartment and we went in for coffee.  Things were going well and kissing became passionate.  She said, “Let’s move to the bedroom”.

It came time to see and I knew it was going to end up being the same as always.  I had asked if I could cut the lights off and she wanted to keep it on.  She unhooked her pink bra and her supple breasts fell.  Her areolas were light brown and her nipples were beginning to grow.  Now it was my turn and urged to turn the lights at least down with no avail.  I took my shirt off and hoped it was not as bad, so I have a few extra pounds or twenty plus.  She looked like her eyes were saying okay but I saw her smile lower a bit.  She continued though, and pulled her jeans down.  She showed the matching pink panties that looked so nice on her.  She was beautiful and looked so hot.  Her body was almost perfect as there was maybe a few pounds extra, but she has curves and sexy.  It came my turn and I realized that since I did not think this was going to go to this level, I probably should have put on a clean pair of underwear.  Wait, which ones do I have on.  Geez, I have a pair of tighty-whiteys on and I am sure my face is red.

I moved in to hug her and hold her.  She gave a big hug back.  She slipped back and looked at me and I knew it was my turn.  I pulled my pants down quickly and her smile went away.  Luckily we had a few drinks before we got back to her apartment.  If we had not drink and if we were not at her apartment, I think this would have went a different direction.  Along with this in the back of my mind, I remember she had said that it had been a few months since she has had sex.  I guess this was her, well I am this far let’s see if he can fuck better than his looks.

The pain continued and I thought it was time to move in before this became get the hell out.  I slid into hug her and give her a kiss.  She gave such a passionate kiss or was it really her mind wandering.  Who was I in her visions.  I moved my hands downward to grasp her panties and I felt her move a bit, but she let me continue.  I felt her panties slowly move down, I pulled them off of her last foot and seen her beauty.  She had a shaved form in the traditional runway strip.  Her brown strip was lined so perfectly straight to her lips.  Oh god, she looked so hot and with that my face went into embarrassment.  She looked at me like what is wrong.

I had explained that it had been a long time since my last sexual encounter.  Now, how do I explain that I just came.  This is just getting worse.  So quickly thinking I slid her on the bed and spread her legs. I spent time doing all the right things.  I did it slowly and I went through the alphabet twice and spent a few minutes humming the Star Spangled Banner.  She seemed to enjoy it but I wasn’t sure.  She hadn’t came yet.  She pushed my head back and said, “Fuck me”.  I thought I had heard her mutter, “So we can get this over”.  I stood and pulled my underwear down and I heard it.  She giggled and luckily, it was small and it was not like I had not heard this before.  I was not endowed as I was not blessed but cursed.  My dick was smaller than the length of my Bic lighter and I had reached another hard on again luckily.  I moved faster than a cheetah to get inside her and there was no time to give her an opportunity to deny me this opportunity.  I dropped between her legs and moved up until I had found her opening and entered.  I planted a kiss and clasped my hands in hers and held hers upwards.

Pumped in once, pumped in twice and I knew it was over and pulled out and the drop drizzled out.  My autonomic response of sorry was released almost as fast as my sexual prowess.  Her look was of disgust and she said, “Get off and leave”.  I got up and kept offering my apologies as I was dressing.  I left her apartment with a smile.

Let’s Add Something New and Kinky Part 3

Now that we have dealt with food lets deal with play toys.  Now of course, the use of handcuffs, vibrators/dildos, silk ties and rope (which is my favorite toy to play with).  If you don’t use them, then you should give them a try, it will make it a bit spicier.  Let’s go over a few things first.  Sex is a great thing between two consenting adults, and I do mean consenting adults.  The number doesn’t have to be just two if there are more in the fun, then the more the merrier.

Ok so do you like bondage?  Do you like to tie up your lover or do you like to be tied up?  Or are you the more adventurous and like to do and be done to?  Here are a few ideas that may offer you some fun in and out of the bedroom.  First of all, let’s start with saran wrap.  Yes, I said saran wrap.  You can use it to bind the hands to start with.  It can also be used to bind the feet.  This depends on how much you want to get into it.  If you want to take it further, then wrap the arms against the sides.  Start at the top and start wrapping in a downward motion.  Do not wrap too tightly, as you don’t want to cut circulation.  There is something beautiful about a lover’s body wrapped in saran wrap, so yes make sure it’s clear, even though it is sexy with using the colored ones also.  Remember this when it’s Christmas as there are the red and green ones that make for a good present.  You can wrap as far down as you want to but remember if you cover the genitalia then you will limit what you can do to the naughty little whore.  If you decide to cut a whole for the hole, then be careful what you are cutting.  Also of note, if you have your favorite lube then lightly put it on the skin.  If you don’t have lube, go to your pantry and get that olive oil and use it lightly.  You may think this is not sexy, try it and you will change your mind as it will be fun.  Having fun brings about great sex and who does not want great sex?

Another household item is of course, the spatula, but you have heard that before.  She has been a naughty girl, so she needs a spanking, or he needs to be spanked.  This will depend on your sex or your lover’s sex.  If you have an erotica book or a porn magazine, then that will make a good item to use for a spanking.  After you use it, the book or magazine will have more memories than a good read.  You will laugh about it or think about the session, once you have used it.  Be careful though, the book does offer more force, so be careful of how far back you swing when you swat that behind.  As in preparation section, try it first on the inside of your thigh.


Make that bottom red

Now we always discuss spanking that ass, but let’s look at other parts of the body.  There are erogenous zones all over the body, which will be discussed in another post, and some of these zones like to be aroused and some do not.  The most noted erotic spots are the genitalia, breasts and thighs, so test those spots out.

I am trying to keep this to a few minutes read so, I will discuss more household items in the next post.

Go Play and Have Fun Safe Sex

Let’s Add Something New and Kinky Part 2

This is part 2 of this blog and I think you might like some of these or you may get your own ideas.  I like the idea of candles of course and the short and simple of it is that candles can make a good erotic part of your sexssion.  I won’t go into detail, but if you have never used candles then I suggest you read my blog of Preparation #1 as it details how to work with candles.

Now to add with that lets do a foodie thing.  Yes you did read food.  Here are some items that may have thought about, cucumber, banana, strawberries, but how have you thought to use them.  Example most think of cucumbers as the pleaser of the vagina.  Well guess what if you are deep inside her and she likes to suck on your thumb place that cucumber in her mouth and let her suck away at it.  Erotic for both.  Also could be said with a banana but face it is mushy and if you are in a good motion she will choke on that banana.  If you want to amp it up a bit put that cucumber in her ass while you are deep inside and then later you can peel it and still have it for your salad, lol just kidding, or am I.  So here is a good twist to the strawberries, as you cannot put them in her vajayjay as they will cause a pH unbalance but you can get some plain yogurt that is unsweetened or natural and slap that all over that pussy and lick it off her and with each bite eat a strawberry or a slice of kiwi or whatever you like your pussgurt to taste like.

When melons are in season, half them things up and place one on each of her melons.  Then toss some whip cream in there and smoosh them all around.  Make them breasts messy.  Speaking of messy, if at all possible take a time to have kitchen floor sex with all these food items.  You know as well as I do, you don’t want to get grandmas comforter messy, but if you take this to the kitchen and it gets messy then it’s an easy clean up.  This can also be done in the shower or in the bathtub, come on get creative.  Ok so if you can’t do this in the kitchen as you have kiddies that would have an aversion to fruit if they see mommy or daddy diddle the fruit and are scarred for life.  Go buy a new shower curtain and use it on your shower and take the old one and use it as a mess catcher.  Yes you can put across your bed or place it in the floor and go at it.  Also, get some ice cream and use it as a mouth stuffer and drill till you add cream.  Also it is always a pleasure to use ice and if you have her tied up or if she is a submissive or slave then to watch her skin move to the touch is erotic.

More to cum, X

Go Play and Have Fun Safe Sex

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Lets Add Something New and Kinky Part 1

Hey, are you tired of the vanilla that most websites have to offer for spicing up your sex life or let’s make it kinky.  Of course, the normal things that they offer are sex toys and sex games, of which most couples already have them in their repertoire.  Another of course is anal sex, which again usually have tried it and decided if it’s something that is a once thing or an all the time thing or maybe every so often.  Then there is the threesome, which is one of the main staples to it being kinky in the lets spice it up.  Threesomes usually is something that has usually been talked about and decided maybe (really means NO) or No and only if there has been a yes is it actually a yes if it has happened.  The last one that I will touch on is the watch porn, again really is this the best they could come up with for advice.  If you are in a relationship and have been then usually you have had the discussion to watch porn or not or have even have watched it together.

Now if you are reading this far, I have your attention on this matter as you are where more of us adults who wants something new to add to the spice.  So I will try and give you some ideas that may be a bit naughtier than the normal and will take some of the normal ideas and offer a twist.  I am not saying that you may have thought of it or that you may have not tried it but hopefully something will be new.  There is no specific order to these so just bear with me.

1)      Let’s sex it up the idea of anal sex.  So YES, let us try anal sex.  So you pop that brown cherry and she has the feeling of either she enjoys it or not.  Did you lube it, did you work your way to it, did you even play with her clit to get her in the mood?  No to anyone of those and then you probably got a one-time shot at it and to never try again.  If you want to add spice, and you don’t have a butt plug, Get One.  If you have one, then lube that pucker stuffer up and when you are riding her doggy style slide one of your fingers in slowly and while drilling your schlong drill that finger in slowly.  Work up to it, then as you get her all juiced up, slide that plug in and slowly move it all the way in.  Slide deep inside and pull her tight against you to hold the plug in and you to get as far deep inside her as you can.  Then grab her hips and pull her back towards you as you sit back on your legs.  This will pull her up and then you can grab her arms while you are sitting back on the balls of your feet and pull her deep on you.  This will change the position of your penis and she will enjoy it.  Also with this quick motion, it will take her by surprise and will make her feel out of control and that can be an aphrodisiac to some women.

Now it’s her turn to try it on you.  Okay if you are thinking No, then never try it on her again.  If you are too much of a homophobe to try it then you shouldn’t be trying it on her.  Let that one sit there for a moment and really think about it.  She has to get you in the mood and a good stroke and a finger in the ass is a great way to spice it up.

2)      Here is a good one, so there is the old role play idea well add it to date night and you have a good spice for the night.  Take this a bit further, when you have a date night, tell her you want to do a little role play.  So you two pick a place to meet, choose somewhere where you don’t go to on a normal basis or have never been before.  I suggest that seedy bar you know about but don’t go to, or if it happens that it may be the opposite, go to the more upscale bar as that’s not your thing.  Then you meet there or if not meet there, then drop her off and sit in your car or run and do the errand (will be explained later).  Then you go into the bar but don’t go over to her to start with and then after an appropriate time (I think at least one drinks worth) do the following:

  1. Send a drink over to her.
  2. Or go over to where she is sitting and introduce yourself and kiss her.
  3. Have her come over to where the he is sitting and give you a kiss (prefer this one personally)
  4. Strike up a conversation with a male and send a drink over and tell waitress to tell her it’s from your new male friend.
  5. The She could start a conversation with a female friend and ask her to go over to sit with the He of the relationship and act as if you don’t know each other.

Okay you get the idea.  So then you can leave together or start an argument and then leave separately to meet back at the car.

Errand: find a motel that’s close by and rent a room.  Nothing better than hot sex at a rent by the hour motel or a flea bag when you are out and met each other for the first time.

More kinkiness to follow see next posts.

Preparation 4 At Home

Okay so there is the point when you cannot do an elaborate outing.  Well that is the time you prepare for more of a sensual time.  Look especially for fellows, there is the time of the month when most women cannot embrace the full on sexual time, or you are not into it or both.  So that is when you should be sensual.


So this is the time to give a massage. 


Prepare for a sensual moment.  Setup some candles, or if you don’t have any candles go get some.  Don’t scrimp on the candles, get some real good ones that have a nice smell.  Such smells as Vanilla or a jasmine are good ones to use.

Prepare for it also by getting some nice soft music.  Go ahead and either get a radio on a soft station, as a good jazz station or a CD that plays soft music.  Test the CD out to make sure that the whole CD is soft and not a few songs on it.  As you want to take your time and give a good massage, at least one that lasts more than your sexual outing.  Take your time and flow with the music.


Also to prepare for this, get a good lotion for a massage nearby.  Set all of this up and try to use the lotion by yourself.  Picture you have your loved one stretched on the bed, and you want to get some more lotion to add to the smoothness, this is where you will see how cumbersome it may be.  Best lotion is one that has a pump to it.  Also, check to see what it smells like, as you want something soothing.  Jasmine is a smell that offers relaxation, but I am not saying it has to be Jasmine.


Prepare yourself to lightly speak to your lover while giving this awesome relaxing massage.  Test out a few sentences that you can softly whisper in their ear.  Tell them that you love them.  Tell them how much they mean to you and always tell them how much you need them in your life.  Explain things that they have done for you that has made your life more enjoyable.


Also this is a great way that when sex can be enjoyed, it is a way to get things going.

Go Play and Have Fun Safe Sex, well for this one, Fun Safe Sensual time

Preparation #3 – Timing

Preparation #1  Practice

Preparation#2 – Where


Okay so now we have prepared for what we want to do and we have prepared for where to have this rendezvous, so what’s left?  Well the timing has to be one that you both are willing to be in the mood.  This little couples tryst can happen at any time but it will be best when you have this fixed.  So suggestion would be either talk about doing it on a specific day or find out if that special person wants a surprise.  I think the surprise is the best but it takes a lot of forethought about preparing for it.  If you have kids you need to have it setup that there is a babysitter to take care of the little ones.  If no kids a lot easier, but you are not out of the woods yet.

So let’s deal with the easier one first.  Your special one wants to know about it, best to figure yourself if this is the case.  If they want to know about it then pick a day and believe me the ones who knows about it gets their sexual mojo started.  Because of the fact they know it is going to happen and if you spend some time a few days before teasing about it, then it will make it more exciting.  You have to be coy and throw hints that they are going to be put in ecstasy and that they will yearn for it to happen every week.  Build it up, get it percolating so that it is as exciting for you as it is for them.  This is especially good for both as it helps to pull you out of the work dreary day.

Now if you are going to do this as a surprise then that is more fun for you at the beginning but your lover will enjoy it as much as you do, if not more.  Do this one especially if your lover is a control freak and we all know who they are.  What you will have to do is keep a pulse on their day though and see where they are at.  Without a sexual innuendo, try and make their day better.  Also, have an understanding if your lover is a female where they are in their cycle, so you will know whether there will be play time or if it will end up massage and snuggle time if you don’t.  I find it is always good to ask about their day around the lunch time frame and see where they may be at emotionally.  Press that I Love You multiple times and how much they mean to you, as it will help make their day, but mean it.  It will also make it easier to move into raunchy steamy blood pulsing sex in a motel also.

If you find yourself at the point where you have prepared and they don’t seem like they are in the mood, then your preparation will pay off.  Why you ask?  Well you had went and set the motel room up with only the lamp on.  And have put on soft music that was not too loud that the rooms next to you would complain and also had put all the toys you want to play with in there.  Take a moment also to put some bath oils in the bathroom so that you can move into that magic moment with a little subtlety of a nice bath.  Also, a full nude body massage or in a little outfit you have chosen (lingerie, bra and panty set or my favorite a sexxxy smile) can also be a helpful starter <Grin>.

Go Play and Have Fun Safe Sex

Preparation part 2 – The Where

Now that we discussed preparation of some of the play things, there should also be some consideration of preparation for the fun place.  Now look you know as well as I do that Mommy and Daddy cannot be playing spanking when the little ones just went to bed without someone opening the door and going mommy, “Why is daddy spanking you? Were you a bad girl?”  So with that why not make a preparation of fun an adventure.

All across the country there are the seedy motels that you pass by and wonder how they are in business.  Hey guess what, that would be a great location to have a spanking good time at.  Leave the higher priced hotels for the more romantic and door opening adventures which is a bridge I will cross later.  Babysitter, a light supper and wham bam spank you ma’am, you have a new fun time.  It will be a new adventure, that when you pass by that little motel, you will put a smile on your face.

So preparation would be find the motel closest to you and rent it out before you leave for your date.  This way you don’t have your mojo lost, because your lover is sitting waiting on you to pay the 3 toothed wonder for a room.  Also after renting the room go into it and check out the way things are setup and what is in it.  This will give you a little confidence when you enter on your date, as you have an idea of what to expect.  And if it is a real dump, walk your lover to the room and blindfold them for the whole time.  That way it will make it easier especially if you blindfold them in your driveway before you leave.

Go Play and Have Fun Safe Sex


Preparation #1

When you are going to do something, preparation should be on the forefront of your thoughts.  If you want to do something properly take the time to prepare for it so you will have a better time and wont feel inadequate about it.  First of all, as most know if you want to have sex and there is no birth control then you must prepare for the situation by going to the store and getting condoms.

If you want to experiment with BDSM, it is the same thing you must prepare for it.  If you want to start lightly with it, then of course, there is spanking.  Prepare for it by first getting the item that you will be using to spank your lover with.  Second take it and hit it on your thigh to see what intensity it offers.  This will teach you a lot about what you will be using and what you won’t be using.

If you want to turn up the heat a bit and want to experiment with wax, then buy a few different types of candles and burn them.  Then slowly practice drizzling the wax off the candle onto a plate.  This of course will give you an idea of which candles will be easier to drizzle and which more or less drop.  Then it is also best if you try and use the candle that you find to drizzle on your skin.  This will give let you know what heights you can be at with the heat intensity of the candle wax.  Note wax is hot and it can burn if drizzled too close to the skin for first timers.  Take your burning candle and at about 24 inches above your thigh drizzle some and feel the heat intensity.  Now slowly move it closer to your skin.  This will give you at what height is best.  Also, to reduce heat to your lover use your hand as a deflector of the wax so it hits your hand first and then to your lover.  Best places to drizzle wax, in my opinion of course is the back, the breasts, the thighs, the butt and I like to do a controlled drizzle about 3 inches above the clit.  I enjoy pulling the wax off, especially when I have drizzled a lot in an area that cakes together and it can have a great sensation on the person that was receiving it.

Preparation makes it more fun and enjoyable and I will add more to the list of things to do to prepare for a fun and safe time.

Go Play and Have Fun Safe Sex